San Diego Comic Con 2017

San Diego Comic Con is one of those events that have grown to insane popularity of the years to the point where it’s pretty hard to get into. I’ve been going since 2004 so this is year 13 for me. If you’re on the ball and pay attention to when tickets go on sale, you’re already better off than the thousands who just think of it last minute. Since year 1 for me, I’ve wait all year for Comic Con because it’s on the priority list for me. I’m not one of those people who just started going because it’s “cool” now aka a poser.

Anyways, this year I spent most of my time walking the exhibit hall and some of the surrounding areas rather than waiting in line all day for panels. Most of my picture ended up being of the statues on display since random exhibit hall pictures are kind of pointless. Most booths look the same every year.


Blizzard released the D.VA statue recently going for $450. It was amazing in the pictures and just as good in person.


K2SO statue at SideShow Collectibles


Guts from Berserk


Batman and Mr. Freeze





Megatron from Beast Wars





Spiderman at Qfig


Green Ranger


I picked up a few Funko Pops just for fun. I really didn’t want to start collecting a new thing after the failed Mighty Muggs by Hasbro which is essentially the same exact thing.


I also got my Ahsoka one signed by Ashley Eckstein who voiced her. I’m not big on chasing after celebrities, but this signed was pretty simple as my friend and I were first in line. I met the voice actors for D.Va, Lucio, and Symmetra from Overwatch, but they were charging a bunch of money for signings. If they weren’t charging, I might have bought those Pops too to get signed.


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