Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier


I watch a lot of anime (or animation in general and television for that matter) and occasionally buy merchandise from them. I guess it’s a way of supporting the industry and getting cool stuff. One particular show that aired back in 2011 way Fate Zero. It was the prequel to Fate Stay Night that aired in 2006. One of the main characters was Saber who was King Arthur summoned to modern day for a war with other heroes.


Anyways instead of getting too much into the story that you could go watch yourself, this particular statue was released in 2012 soon after the show’s popular reception. While I really wanted to get it back then, I just didn’t get an opportunity to do so and it became increasingly harder to obtain one. Then years later Good Smile Company (the producer of the statue) announced a re-release and I jumped on the preorder in May 2016. So then it was just sitting around waiting, but the release kept getting delayed once, then twice, then thrice. It finally released July 2017.


The statue is a 1/8th Scale approximately 160mm in height and 290mm in length. I did noticed that they changed the exhaust slightly in the re-released version.


While it doesn’t really do much, it makes for a cool display.



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